About FlippingBook Pageflip Software

If you’re looking to move from print to digital with your documents, FlippingBook will be your reliable partner along the way. of your interactive documents, your readers will never see a difference between a digital issue and a physical copy—and will like it better, too.

FlippingBook is a page flip tool that creates online flipbooks from PDFs, and hosts them online. We’ve did our best to recreate the feeling of interacting with a real thing—added page thickness, shadows, realistic rustling sound, soft- and hardcover options.

But it’s not only about aesthetics. With FlippingBook, your books and documents will gather powerful features. Share them anywhere on the web as links and embed them into your website.

Track how people interact with the flipbooks. Learn how many users open them, for how long they stay, what pages they are interested in and which links they click.

Let readers find the info they need in seconds thanks to interactive navigation—clickable table of contents, page thumbnails, and search.