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Country directories

Links to sites with migration related information

Contact details of the State Chambers of Physicians & search machine

Contact details of the Associations of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians

List of the responsible authorities for issuing licences to practise (Approbation and Berufserlaubnis)

 "Recognition in Germany - Federal Recognition Act"

Information on European directives:

Website of the European Commission on Directive 2005/36/EC

European Union

SOLVIT - Effective problem solving in Europe

Medical ethics

World Medical Association Medical Ethics Manual

  • World Medical Association Handbook of Policy
  • Memorandum of Böhmisch Krumau on public responsibilites and professional representation through medical associations (dentists associations)
  • Declaration of Helsinki
  • WMA 1948, Declaration of Geneva – Physician’s Oath
  • Principes d’éthique médicale européenne) des CEOM  (French)
  • Regulation Framework for Continuing Medical Education [PDF]
  • Recommendations on Continuing Medical Education