Working outside the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland

Outside the European Union, medical qualifications and licences to practise are individually assessed for compatibility by the responsible authority of the country. In most countries, a medical examination must also be completed in the national language.

We recommend contacting the national responsible authorities directly for more information. Contact details can be found in our country directory. Please note that the country directory has been compiled from diverse sources, and does not represent an exhaustive list of all contact points.

In Germany, section 19 of the guideline regulations on speciality training stipulates that speciality training undertaken wholly or partly outside the European Union or the EEA can be wholly or partially accredited if it corresponds to the basic principles of the regulations on speciality training, and as long as at least twelve months of training in the relevant specialisation have been carried out in Germany. The same applies to speciality training undertaken within a Member State when the physician in question is not a citizen of the European Union or a country within the EEA.